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Nutralane Complaints & Reviews

Nutralane - Indiana / Scam


Ordered trial order of Acai Berry and for only one order, but they kept on sending and charging. Called to cancel, e-mailed twice and it still did not stop. Had to cancel credit card to stop it.

Nutralane - Colorado, Arvada / get tracking numbers


The phone number for the company does work and has worked since march 2009. There was no wait time and I spoke with a person. The rules of the order are online but most people do not read them. They were also included on a sticker with the products and it does tell us the next charges and shipping. However, most people do not read al lof that and think they are getting alot of pills for free-1st mistake. Most people call to cancel their next shipment and think cancelling makes sure they cannot charge the $80-2nd mistake. The marketing on this product is very misleading. Most who pick7-14 day...