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Now - Florida, Miami / Unauthorised credit card charge

Jun 24, 2014

I was online when a popup screen offered me to partcipate in an online survey and I will be sent a gift for my participation. They showed about 3 gifts and asked to choose one after I did by clicking on the item, they asked me to pay $1 for the mailing fees. they requested a credit card and I did give them my information for the $1 mailing charge. A few days after the CC charge of $1, they put through an additional charge of $99 to my Credit Card. To date I have not received any gift from them and I realized that it was just a scam to get my CC information. I have noticed when I tried to...

Now / misleading information

Jun 23, 2014

After doing a on line survey which popped up when i logged onto my bank making me beleve it was on behalf of my bank, i was offred a Tablet for £1, + postage, three days later £60 was taken from my account, for a game site i had never heard off, and you could only claim your (free gift) by paying more money, on games, the free gift was just to get you to give your card details for the postage so they could take money from your account, there was never a free gift, it was a scam, with miss leading information.

Now / Android tablet

Jun 16, 2014 product and illegal credit charge I have filled out a customer survey for BC Hydro and stating that I would receive an Android tablet with Wi-fi for $1.00. I filled out the survey and submitted to who took my credit card information promising to charge only $1.00 they initially said, and will send me a email how to log in to my account, which they never did. I couldn't get my Android tablet. Instead, they preauthorize to charge $1.00 and preauthorize to charge $107.00 from my credit card, and no way to contact them. I did not agree to purchase anything for $107.00. I want my money back.