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Northern Auto Traders Complaints & Reviews

Northern Auto Traders - New York, Long Island City / Northern Auto Traders Liccars Scam


I can't believe this. First, they tell you the price of the car and then they say finance with them to drop the price $3000. I ask to test drive the car and they ask for my license. I give it to the salesman (sales-child) and he takes it back into a tinted office and comes back out. They would not let me test drive because they said they had to move too many cars. So they start the car and let it run in place. Some 18 year old sales kid says don't worry, he drove it and that it runs good. Hilarious. I asked if we can discuss pricing and what kind of financing they have available. The...

Northern Auto Traders - New York, Long Island City / GREAT NEWS!!


I recently purchased a Honda Civic Si from Northern Auto Traders. To be honest I am extremely happy about my car. I was a little skeptical about shopping there, I was doing some research online and noticed a lot of negative comments and experiences others have had in the past. lets face it they do have the best prices ever. Every other dealer for the same car was trying to charge me from $3000 to 5000 more. Chris was very straight up with me. He broke down the cost and fees and explained everything to the T. He even made one of my car payments of $323.00 for referring my boy. Great people, great service, I advise potential customers to go check them out for themselves.

Northern Auto Traders - New Mexico, Long Island City / Sales


"I purchased an Infiniti M45 from these guys at Northern Auto Traders and when I saw some of the Negative stuff People are writing about these guys, I felt compelled to write something too!!! In my opinion some of these negative reviews are false because I went in after seeing a car advertised on The Northern Auto Traders, website ( But the reason I'm writing is the price I saw online was the same price they sold the car to me. And I had never financed anything in my life accept for a small Macy's credit card they got me into a first time buyer program with an...

Northern Auto Traders - New York, LIC / SCAM/FRAUD


These people are just down right criminals, they should be trown directly in a dark cold prison. Cris, and Imran Khan tried to scam me by trying to make me belive that my credit was bad and then trying to overcharge we with 10, 000$. They refused to show me my interest rate or the bank that would approve me . When I refused to gou trough w the purchase they refused to give me back my deposit. Then this fat guy with the nastiest attitude named Cris told me that over there he is God, and that I can co F--K miself. They have scammed so may people with the same metod, I got away loosing only 500$ but others have lost up to 20, 000-25, 000$ they should be town in jail.

Northern Auto Traders - New York, New York / Con Artist


These guys are SCAM ARTISTS deluxe! They won't tell you what the interest rate on your loan will be until you give them all of your money. Also, they tack on TONS of hidden fees, such as insurance and inspection fees that somehow add thousands to the original price of your car. Furthermore, they are extremely unorganized and have no problems keeping you waiting. Get this: I found a car being advertised from them on that was listed at $12, 000 and was the "special internet price." I called to ask about the car and they told me that that WAS the price and encouraged me to come...