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North American Lottery Complaints & Reviews

North American Lottery / SCAM!


I received a letter and check for $3920 stating I was the winner of the North American Sweepstakes Award Claim Unit for $55000US. The letter contained the flwg address: Sun Tower 509 Pay Ave, Ste 917, Nova Scotia B4A1E6. From the office of Laura Roberts, VP Finance Claims Dept. Tele# 1647 832 4828, Attn: Lisa Austin or Dom Watson, Tele# 647 863 0889. I was told the tax amt of $2785 would be used for taxes sent via Western Union. I did receive a call prior to receipt of this letter/check from someone with an African accent. The only thing I understood was him telling me to submit a check for...

North American Lottery - Ontario, Kingston / Fake Check Scam


Chris Chambers & John Thomas (likely pseudo names); Greenwood Mgmt Inc; 330 King Street, Kingston, Ontario - M1K 3A5 Canada; Tel: +1(416) 836-8765 is transmitting fraudulent 'Winning Notification' of $40, 000. 'North American Lottery Game'. This criminal enterprise is forwarding fraudulent varying $ checks approximating $4, 000. for 'Applicable Surcharges / Govt Tax' which the recipient is asked to RETURN $2, 950. to Greenwood to receive the balance of your 'winnings'...RIGHT! Problem is the preliminary (and only check you will ever see) is a forged check...