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No More Mortgage Complaints & Reviews

No More Mortgage - Utah, Provo / SSSLLLLOOOOWWWW Refund


Though it seems to be a legitimate the process is smooth. I thought 10K was high we sealed the deal. This was on a Saturday evening. We notified them by registered mail that we elected to cancell within 3 buisness days. they tried to toalk us into staying but we told them we want to cancel. 30 days later still nothing but some reassuring emails. NMM informed us that UTAH law states all refunds of this nature MUST be made in less than 30 days. This is ### and I would recommend keeping their distance. I will keep you all posted.

No More Mortgage - Utah, Lindon / With a Grain of Salt


It’s time we as Americans bind together and start trying to help our neighbor. I thought I needed to take a min and make a post on this website. I have been involved with No More Mortgage ( for many years now and they have helped me and my family significantly. Do I know what they do? Yes. Could I do what they do for myself? NO WAY… Now I have read several of the posts on this board, and I would hope that individuals looking to get out of debt and are looking at using NMM would take the time to do more research on their company then browse one or two place...

No More Mortgage - Utah, Lindon / Breaking and Entering Fraud Forgery


If you want to know what kind of businessman Larry Ruff is, contact the 4th District Court in Orem Utah at 97 East Center Street 84057. Ask to review the file on case number 090202365 filed against his company this year. Mr. Ruff is a deluded scammer and so is his company No More Mortgage. This company scams money from their clients and refuses to pay their employees, and there is no low to which this man will sink. I first has contact with this company when I located a job posting on the Utah Division of Workforce Services website for a contract programmer. I went into this company only to...

No More Mortgage / Awful company


We regret that you had an unfortunate experience with NO MORE Mortgage. Our main goal is turn the tides of consumer debt — not add to that problem. With over 12 years of experience we are passionate about our client’s success and have helped thousands of consumers eliminate their debt and start building wealth. The NO MORE Mortgage Toolkit program in which you referred is a do- it-yourself program. The Toolkit has valuable information and on average saves people $200-$400/month. We believe so much in the methods taught in this Toolkit that consumers can try it out for 30 days at...

No More Mortgage - Utah, Lindon / Shady Company


The simple plan that the company put together does seem like it will work, it is however, not something that one should drop $6, 500.00 on. They told us to put it on our credit card and not to worry that would be paid off in a couple of months. We like fools did what they asked us to do. Months later we came to find out our mortgage was being paid on the wrong day (they in turn accused us of not making our payment for the month prior, a payment I have the receipt for) as well as accruing late charges on another credit card due on the 4th but being paid by their affiliate on the 17th (yes they...

No More Mortgage - Colorado / Ripoff


Sounded good and thought I might gain some insight as to how to cut some costs on my mortgage. Recieved information in the mail and it was a bunch of paper with lines and a book with a little bit of good insight into the mortgage business and how to work around that by sending in extra payments. DA!! Never heard from anyone, they say they tried my cell and could not get ahold of me even though I use my cell on average 10 times a day and no one else seems to have a problem. They send out an e-mail that went into spam and I never got and then they say we tried! Called them told them I would be a...

No More Mortgage - Utah, Lindon / Useless company


The company, No More Mortgage is unfortunately, similar to others that you may here on the mainstream radio. They will advertise their free information with the exception of shipping and handling. They will give you a time period in which to evaluate the product before you are charged the full product price. When you call to inquire about the product you will no doubt here about all the benefits, and how they help reduce the tide of consumer debt. The representative pretty much reads from a script, which I imagine with a lot of time, and hard work, one can become quite efficient with. They...