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Nitro pdf Complaints & Reviews

Nitro pdf - California, San Francisco / Bought entire nitro pdf suite. They refused to download it to me. I paid. No way to contact them. Have spent days and years trying.

Jan 31, 2017

I bought nitro pdf five years ago and downloaded it fine. It had a lifetime guarantee so that if it was lost in a computer switchover, you could download it again with your reference numbers. You also got free upgrades. My computer did not crash or need to be transferred. For some reason, the software just disappeared, like it was time coded to be gone after a certain period of time. Since I had paid full price, I tried to contact the company. Good luck with that. This is one of the only companies you cannot contact even with your nitropdf numbers. They will absolutely offer no customer support...

Nitro pdf - California, San Francisco / Nitro PDF doesn't work, no support, no phone number


I rarely have a problem with software and I think this is the only software that I was so disappointed with that I had to write up a complaint about it. But it simply would not run on my computer (Windows XP Laptop). It will run once when it’s installed but after that, every time I try to open it, it gives an error and just closes. If it’s reinstalled it will run once and then die again, over and over again. I don’t know how many times I retried it with different versions and different ways, cleaning out everything from the system. It was a nightmare. The only thing worse than a...

Nitro pdf - Georgia / Bait & Switch


Purchased Nitro pdf about a year ago at Office Depot. Have used it past year no problem. Suddenly, it has "converted" to a trial version. Of course, I didnt save the box from a year ago. Unless I pay them ANOTHER $80, and am able to download a "serial number" (never a requirement of the off the shelf product I bought a year ago), it prints a "Trial Version" yellow box at the bottom of my documents. And, of course, they have NO form of online or call-in product support, you can only fill out an online form and have no way of knowing if it will be received or they will respond. BEWARE of Nitro pdf!!! Dirty business!