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Nexicore Complaints & Reviews

Nexicore - Ontario, Markham / Horrible company - Don't send your items there for repair, and don't work there!

Oct 6, 2011

I used to work for this horrible company for 3 years at their Canada location. All I have to say is that these people know nothing about how to run a business. I may be a disgruntled, angry ex-employee, but it is the result of how the treat their employees. First of all, they don't care about their employees, or the conditions in which their employees work. The facility is disgusting, the bathrooms are in the same condition as a public mall washroom(nasty), they dont pay their employees even HALF of what they SHOULD be getting paid... They pay technicians MINIMUM WAGE! Are you F'ing...

Nexicore - Ontario / this company is ###ed up


worst company ever they treat technician like piece of scraps, and they use defective parts to fix customer's laptop those STUPID customers to pay some amount like $400 for a use motherboard, most of the time even the laptop doesnt worth that money. plus they let a bunch of cubain that just come from the boat from cuba leading the company, they have no education, no canadian experience, no english nothing, i know one day they will shutting down. AND IF THE OWNER OF THAT COMPANY CHECK THAT BLOG THEY SHOULD DO A REFORM OR SOMETHING BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

Nexicore / Worst company ever


worst company i ever worked for they need shutting down they use refurbished parts for computers and tvs pity they don't tell the customers that when they pay for the warranty they treat techs like there two a dime they don't deserve to still be in business ive done work rushing around from where i live upto 80 miles away when they first started doing tvs they swamped me with packages that had no return labels then tried to charge me for not being able to send them back it was a joke i had over 40 packages with parts in that i pushed and pushed to get returns for all they did was was threaten to charge me for them.

Nexicore / Worst ever


Don`t be fooled (like I was) of their flashy website that gives the illusion of a "Fast, Reliable service" of your Xbox 360! Their website makes you believe it will be fixed Quickly and reliably by their "trained" technicians. After a MONTH of their excuses as to why they haven`t fixed it yet, I got it back in worst shape than my original complaint! I sent it back with the promise of "expeditited repairs. I got expidited right to the back of the pile and after many, many promised return phone calls from a technician, (that never happened) I told them to send it back and give me a refund! (Haven`t received that yet either)WORST customer sevice ever!!

Nexicore / They really disappointed me


After sending my laptop to this company, it has returned to me with different problems that I original sent it for, first was no power, I received it powering on but bad video, second time bad video, I got it back no post, my third time they had to replace the system board but the one they replaced was a used one that has problems with sound, this company has gotten lately the worse service according to my experience, I will not send a laptop to this company never ever, I do not recommend this company, be aware of this company name, NEXICORE.