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New Millenium Bank Complaints & Reviews

New Millenium Bank / Payments not credited in a timely manner

Sleddare on Nov 14, 2011

Payments are made through Bank of America (bill pay). A $50 cash payment was made on 5/6/2010 and it should have been credited to my account on 5/7/2010 but I have not seen the payment credited. However, I made a $100 moneygram payment on 5/10/2010, it was credited to my account on 5/11/2010. It should show a $50 credit as well as a $100 credit. Please find out why my bank cash withdrawal payment was not credited the next day. All my other bank cards credit my account the next day. Your help is greatly appreciated.

New Millenium Bank - Texas / fraud

Applied for secured credit card (on advice of mortgage co to increase credit score). They took the money out of my bank for the secured account via online app. I, however, received NOTHING from communication, no paperwork, no phone calls or emails. Googled their number up today...and called. First I was advised no card yet because they had to wait for check to clear. Since money was last deducted on 11 04, and this is 11 20 ... I assured them that could NOT be the case. Transferred to a spv, who advised: we have to confirm your SS# and your address. I was advised that I could not...

New Millenium Bank - Kansas / took money out of my checking account frauduently

This company is bogus...Neither me or my husband applied or this credit card and they found out my checking account routing and acct number and took 99.95 out unathorized...I called them the first time they refused to refund my money I told them my lawyer will be contacting them they hung up on me...I called them back was on hold for 15 minutes the lady I talked to said I need to send or fax them a letter to the refund department ststaing that this was not me and they will refund my money...The mailing address is...67 Lizingston Ave P.O. Box 2693 New Brunswick NJ for anyone who needs a refund thats how to get it...

New Millenium Bank - New Jersey, New Brunswick / Credit card fraud


I recieved a credit card offer from this bank at the end of November. They requested a fee of $35 for the acceptance fee afetr which they were to send me a confirmation notice as well as banking materials. Up to this day they have not communicated with me. I have tried to call them but keep getting messages. I am wondering if this bank really exists. If they ere real I need them to refund my money.