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Netfirms Complaints & Reviews

Netfirms - England, Hampshire, Southampton / Zen Cart


Greetings. Things are getting pretty hot down here... Since we purchased the Zen Cart there has been nothing but complications and it must be said that Netfirms has not been very helpful, and in a word it has been a very slow painful process. The situation at the moment is as follows:- 1. It is NOT a case of changing the folder name, what comes up when I log into from Admin is a yellow highlighted wording that tells me that the php/admin should be changed for security reasons. 2. When I finally found clear instructions from another source and put it into practise it would not save. 3...

Netfirms / Netfirms want nothing but MONEY


I am the owner of, our site was hosted in Netfirms for one year. But recent one month, we notice visit site often got 500 Internal server error, and this caused no order happen for the whole month because customer can not place order from the site. We did not change anything, included webpage, database, and google analysis show there are no traffic increased in our site. The only thing I know changed is Netfirm move our site to another server which I believe has POOR power, because they noticed me the ftp and ssh address are changed after my submit the ticket (they will not...

Netfirms / Torture


Be carefull if you are planning to use NETFIRMS for web hosting or if you plan to leave NETFIRMS. _______________________________________ I had a performance problem. They never responded to my e-mails. When I decided to leave Netfirms; - First forced me to change my membership from Plus to regular eventhough my agreement has ONE MONTH to expire. - Then they removed BACK UP utilities from my sites (Joomla and wordpress sites) - They didn’t allow me to install BACK UP utilities to my sites, - They made my e-mails to give time outs, - whenever I complain they increased the level of...