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Net Support Services Complaints & Reviews

Net Support Services - Florida, Miami / Non delivery of product


I sent net support services a check for 51. 95 back in july of 2008. They sent me a medical history form to fill out and said they would get back to me within three weeks. They cashed my check and never sent me the meds i ordered. I wrote to them several times inquiring about my order but they have never responded. I contacted the miami better business bureau to lodge a complaint. They said they would look into it. I don't know if any action resulted. I wonder how long these crooks can keep stealing peoples money before they are sent to jail?

Net Support Services - Florida, Miami / no product fulfilled


On 12/18/08, I ordered the following: ORDER SUMMARY: Invoice Number : 308240 Number of Items : 1 Total Order Amount : $ 57.90 1 * ... $ 49.95 Have your orders shipped in manufacturer-sealed packages from a licensed pharmacy in Mexico and save. A prior prescription is not needed to proceed. Private and confidential service. (1) Service Requested For: : Vicodin 5-500mg, Tablets (One bottle/90 tablets) --------------------------------------------- Total items: ( 1 ) Sub Total ... $ 49.95 Tax ... $ 00.00 Shipping ... $ 7.95 Final Total ... $ 57.90 -- Have not...

Net Support Services / Unauthorized charges


I, too, faxed these guys a copy of one of my checks for the sum of $57.90 for the purchase of extra strength vicodin (90 Tablets). I have cronic back pain. I sent this to them on 12-19-08. What a fool I was. As of 1-2-09, I have received nothing from them. Their website looked very professional and I would love have them investigated and prosecuted. I doubt that I will ever get my product or my money back. Has anyone else out there had the same experience. Or has anybody been able to get these guys in trouble. Any suggestions on how I can stop them from screwing other people around or how I can get my bank or some other organization to get my money back? Please help!!! Thanks, Pissed off in San Francisco!!