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Mar 31, 2016

I've purchased a cute little puppy for my daughter as a present. He was lovely and really cute, but he was also too young. I mean he was really young and should have stayed with his mother. Puppy was also sick and had fleas. I took him to vet and was told that my dog needs a medical care. I don't know those people from Nellysbulldogs, but I really hate them! I have no idea what were they doing with my puppy and I can only imagine how horrible his life was until I bought him. This place should be investigated and shut down / Bulldog puppies

Jan 04, 2016

Save yourself the money and pain. These people don't care about the dogs, they are nothing but dollar signs. Do your research, read entire contract!!! I'm out of a puppy, it was extremely sick with contagious disease. Please beware before buying any puppy online, or even in person. Most of these dogs come from mills, and are nothing but dollar signs. The shot records were false, and the sex of dog wasn't even correct. Puppies should not be traveling with other puppies, until their shots are complete. Distemper, parvo are diseases that are incurable and not detected. No bulldog... / Scam artist. Buyers be aware not to purchase a dog from here.

Sep 12, 2015

This seller lied. I bought a puppy from her and she told me that he was papered and came with a health check guarantee. I got the dog and he was sick. Also I still haven't received his pedigree documentation and it has been 4 months since purchased date. Buyers please be aware of this business and do not purchase dogs from and She tends to switch between names. Also if you had issues please submit claims through AKC and CKC