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NEC Complaints & Reviews

NEC / Poor military warranty support


In July I purchased a 24" widescreen monitor from NEC through The monitor was great for about two weeks then it stopped working. Like most computer parts, they must be returned to the manufacturer for warranty repairs/replacement. I contacted NEC, who had me bring it to their nearest PC service center to verify why the monitor was defective. They found a solder joint lose where the ribbon cables hook up and did not have the correct soldering equipment to perform the repairs there. They contacted NEC, who gave me a RMA document to return the monitor directly to NEC for...

NEC / Harrassment


Max from nec is calling me at work and telling my co worker to contact me that he is calling from a collection agency. He finally got ahold of me and he was rude and demanding. He told me not to pay my house payment and pay him. I was told that I have to pay in full today or else. I explained to him that I was unable and he said he didn't care about my story that it was today or legal actions.

NEC / Worst computer on earth


I have now had over 10 laptops, all different brands, none have ever been as bad as this NEC Versa S9000. I had it for two weeks before it failed to work, it was then sent away for over a month (it had over 60% of components replaced)it arrived back and still did not work. I have now had this computer for 7 months and used it for two! This is a business computer, bought from NEC direct who really couldn't care less. My advice is computers are a large market with much choice, so what ever you do, do not buy an NEC from NEC.