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NCOA Complaints & Reviews

NCOA / Device Protection Plan


I purchased My cell phone through Wire Fly in 2008 January 23.With the order forms I received this device protection plan through NCOA, So I paid $49.99. for the whole year. I had a issue with my Nokia 5300Xpress music phone and I informed to them about it. I could not talk to anybody so I e-mailed to them. They asked me to mail my phone so they can fix it. I asked them first replace a phone for the time they repair it or else give my money back.They said With in a month they will do so. I received nothing but another letter to renew my membership.I still have my phone with the issues.Who i...

NCOA - Arizona / Insurance fraud


I purchased 3 phones- Palm Centros via wire fly and bought the insurance for all three phone. I lost my phone last Friday night and have been denied a replacement due to “UNSECURED & UNEXPLAINED DISAPPEARANCE” "NCOA requires that reasonable care and control be exercised at all times. Based on the above listed exclusion, we cannot consider this Request for Service for payment" If I had gone through Sprint, my carrier, I would have a new phone already. I had to go buy a cheapo replacement phone since I thought the company was legitimate and would replace my phone only to find out that...

NCOA - Florida / No direct contact!


For all who are in need, here is the real contact information for NCOA that they do not give out to their "customers"... National Cellular Owners Association 21000 Boca Rio Road Suite A-12 Boca Raton, FL 33433 United States Phone: (561) 470-1273 Toll-Free Phone: (866) 654-5590 Fax: (561) 470-1399

NCOA / Cell phone insurance fraud


This is the most pathetic insurance i have ever seen. No body picks up the phone. It will go straight to the voice mail box but nobody care to call you back. What ever may be the circumstance, they will never pay for your claim. Even if by chance anybody picks up the phone they will hang up on you. This is a big fraud. collects your money well in advance and doesn't even care for customers!!! Pathetic pathetic and pathetic... Is there any way to get our money back and save lot of other customers?