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NCO Financial Services Inc Complaints & Reviews

NCO Financial Services Inc - Quebec, Montréal / False demand for payment

Apr 1, 2015

I happened to receive a letter from NCO Financial Services Inc dated for March 25 2015 It said demand for payment stating that this payment is seriously overdue it says regarding past due balance I never once received any other letters only this one, it even said to make payment to that website and it gave me an unique registration code which was very long and the account number shown is an 19 digit account number which I dont even have an account, it says its coming from paypal inc and when i called paypal they said there is no issues with your account and u owe us nothing, it even says on...

NCO Financial Services Inc / Unauthorized billing


I made a mistake in 2005 when I moved back to Alberta and misplaced my terasen gas bill. So they sent it to NCO Financial Services Inc. who got a hold of me and was so rude and mean, I never paid the bill right away. They would start calling me a 6:00 am in the morning and continue until 10:00 PM at night 7 days a week. Finally on Feb.1/06 I decided to make them go away, I called them and made payment arrangements. I paid it that day. It is now Oct. 26/08 and they still have not removed it off my credit file. I have called and asked them to let equifax and transunion know that I have paid thi...