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NCO Complaints & Reviews

NCO - California / Unauthorized checking account deductions

Feb 28, 2011

NCO Collection Company working on behalf of Capital One made an unathourized deduction from my checking account of $150.00 in an effort to collect an outstanding debut of my son. I am not a signer on the account, in fact when I called to get information on what happened NCO nor Capital One would not speak with me or give me any information because I was not on the account and they were not authorized to give me any information. Capital One needed my son's approval. I am lodging this complaint because they arbitrally deducted money from a checking account of a person that clearly has nothing...

NCO / Scam


I just got off the phone with NCO after trying to get an address to send payments. I talked to a receptionist, the "agent" handling my account, and then a "supervisor". None of them would give me an address! I cannot pay what they insist that I pay, so they refused to take any money. I found this website when I was looking for an address to send the money and Lo and Behold... others are as disgusted as I am with their collection tactics. I am in customer service training and I actually was almost speechless at the way I was spoken to. I was yelled at, berated, ridiculed, and talked down to...

NCO / Beware


NCO is attempting to collect a debt for a bill from an auto accident I was in 2 years ago. The bill was paid by my insurance company over a year ago and yet I continue to receive calls. I have tried calling them and all I get to do is tell my story and then they tell me "any information received will be used in an attempt to further collect your debt." Thanks! I have told them time and time again that the bill is paid and I refuse to pay. I have now tried emailing them, which was a treat. I'm sure I'll get a response. So I guess for the rest of my life I will monitor my credit report...