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NCIC Complaints & Reviews

NCIC - North Carolina, Charlotte / Revenue Ripoff


NCIC ripoff scam is well known by the facilities with these payphones - they get part of the loot - the following is from the NCIC website touting their services but which also does NOT list their calling rates! Telephone Operator Services NCIC has developed a comprehensive package for the Pay Phone (Card Swipe and Coin), Hospitality and Medical industry that allows Pay Phone Owners, Hotels and Hospitals to gain back revenues lost to mobile and calling card providers. Our concept is simple! We provide a competitive calling program with revenue share back to the property or company with whom we...

NCIC / excessive telephone charges


on april 11 / 12 I made 7 attempts to call a party in Canada. On each occasion I received a answering machine message at which point I hung up without leaving messages. Each attempt was made on a pay phone using my mastercard. Each call cost me from 11.67 per call to as much as 12.21 per call for a total of $87.27 U.S. I find these to be outrageous charges. If this company is allowed to charges such ridiculus rates then the consumer should be notified prior to the call being made by the company clearly posting these rates on the payphone. I would also like to see a reimbursement made to me for at least 70 % of the charges. C.ZANDBERGEN

NCIC / Fraud


DO NOT USE phones operated by NCIC OPERATOR SERVICE that accept credit cards (Union Station, Chicago IL). You will be billed a flat "connection charge" of about $10, regardless of whether you call across the street or across the country. The phones have a misleading display which reads 4 minutes for $1.00, which applies to coin calls only. The credit card charges are not clearly posted. I had no change so I had to use my credit card (thinking it would cost a buck or two), and called my wife for under 2 minutes (30 miles away). The cost was well over $10. When I called customer service...