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NatraPure Complaints & Reviews

NatraPure / Scam and fraud


On July 2nd I ordered NatraPure and received it July 13th. USPS showed July 9th as the delivery date. As I explained, our house numbers had been changed recently and I did not receive it promptly, it went to someone else who then returned it to my mailbox. On the website, read the fine print. You are also signing up for FitnessHub and That is shown as a sort of advertisement at the top of the page. I had the product 2 days and was charged again. I would not have known this if I had not done a web search and read the complaints against the company. I was hung up on, told lies, and basically denied the ability to cancel my order. I am now forced to cancel my credit card in order to avoid further charges.

NatraPure / Unauthorized charges


I tried this supposed offer on line received it in the mail while on vacation got home and was charge 89.00 dollars for this stupid thing. I called and was told thats what the sight said and they could do nothing about a refund. Some how they need to be stopped, they are very vague about the "trial period" The bad thing is you have no recourse. anyone reading this run as far away as possible from this rip off.

NatraPure / Don't ever buy this product!


Don't ever buy this product! They make false claims, and when you call to cancel your order, they charge you $93 and won't issue you a refund. I never even received the product they claimed to have shipped. I called and asked to speak with a supervisor and the rep made up some excuse saying that the supervisor was busy and just hung up on me. This happened twice, with 2 other reps. Way to treat customers - just hang up on them! This company needs to go down the ### hole!

NatraPure - Delaware, Bear / Dishonest practice


I ordered the "free" sample of NatraPure capsules and paid the S&H fees. I Then received a second bottle in the mail and called the company to inquire as to why. (I sat on hold for 24 minutes) When you order this "free" sample, you are AUTOMATICALLY entered into an auto delivery cycle and must cancel within 14 days. I was completely unaware of this as it is so hard to find on the site. I cancelled my membership but was not allowed to return the unwanted bottle of product. I told the CS agent the bottle was not only unwanted, but unopened and was told, "AT this time they are not accepting...