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NationsChoice Mortgage Complaints & Reviews

NationsChoice Mortgage - Arizona / NationsChoice's Failure to Commit to Advertised Rate

Mar 14, 2012

They advertise a low rate, and then they switched (aka "bait-and-switch"). We hope others can learn from our experience with NationsChoice Mortgage Company. Specifically, here is why others should stay clear: My wife and I are low-risk borrowers. We each have high credit scores (800 +/- 5 at Experion), high net worth, and high loan-to-value ratio (LTV) on our home. We applied for a refinance loan to lower our monthly payments, with no cash out of the refinance. We paid $495 for an appraisal and our home appraised at about 50% high than the loan amount. We provided all requested documentation with not...

NationsChoice Mortgage - Arizona, Gilbert / Disguised non refundable application fee as an appraissal fee.


applied for a refi on my property back on 10/20/09. The loan Officer Kevin Jenkins, did an over the phone application and we discussed my income; He provided me with a good faith estimate that included a $495 "application fee" when I questioned him about this fee, he stated that it is used to cover the appraisal, It looked very high for the cost of an appraisal when questioned, he said that due to recent changes in lending practices, brokers were no longer able to attain their own appraisers and that the fee was high just to cover whatever the appraisal cost may be and that at closing I would...

NationsChoice Mortgage - California, Irvine / Home Loan refinance


I contacted NationsChoice Mortgage to refinance my home loan early October 2009. Their sales person, Richard Garza, asked me the details of the property and my personal information so that he could send me a Good Faith Estimate. I received the GFE based on the information I gave him and online application that he filled up for me. The agreed rate was 4.875% with NO COST FOR THE LOAN. I received a letter from the company showing the rate and congratulating me. In the mean time I sent Richard a bunch of personal and property information such as my bank statements, my W2s, my pay stubs, home...