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Nation Relocation Complaints & Reviews

Nation Relocation / Moving scam

Dec 19, 2016

The company is a complete scam. Best way around this company is to avoid them, get a different moving company and know your rights and responsibilities, or do the job yourself. This company does go by different names and/or has changed their names due to the number of complaints they have received over the years. They used to be called PRA Movers and not sure what else. They are located in Norcross, GA. Most addresses and phone numbers on different websites do not match where they are or what they currently have.

Nation Relocation / Service

Oct 27, 2016

The company is a scam. Make sure you know your rights and read their contract before doing anything. When they show up to your location, they tell you their policy. However, their policy does not match their contracts. They will load your items onto their trucks, mark off that all items are damaged, then deliver some of your items to your new location. When delivered, the driver mentions that most items have water damage even though they were not wet or stained. The inventory sheet they give you does not match the description of your items. This complain could go on forever...but the best...