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MyVanillaDebitCard Complaints & Reviews

MyVanillaDebitCard / Refund fee?

Aug 17, 2016

Long story short. I bought this Vanilla Card and wasn't able to use it. When I contacted customer service they said that my card was blocked and if I wanted to use it I needed to prove that I was real. What? The most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! They said that they needed some of my personal information which I refused to provide. Have no idea why did they ask for my personal info. Since I wasn't able to use my card I asked for a refund. They said I'll get my money within few days and then they said the most ridiculous thing ever. I was told that I need to pay a refund fee if I wanted...

MyVanillaDebitCard - California, Gardena / I got ripped off!

Jul 09, 2014

So I purchased this card so I can order some phones for myself and my siblings. Well a couple days later I get a phone call from AT&T saying that my order got canceled and they put the money back on the card, which they did. Unfortunately that very same day I lost my card. So I report my card lost on MyVanilla's website and try to request a replacement and as soon as I do that all of a sudden my log in information stopped working. Mind you it was working very fine until I reported my card lost, it was as if they were waiting for me to report it stolen or lost so they can cut off my...