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Ordered 20 grapevines and planting sleeves from on May 8, 2010. Grapevines were planted according to instructions, 13 did grow and 7 did not. The grapevines are warrantied for replacement in case they do not grow. I emailed pictures and they agreed that the grapes were planted properly and advised to replace the dead ones (mostly Malbec and Petit Verdot) by another kind. I asked to send Riesling replacements but since then they do not reply to any emails or phone calls. This warranty seems to be a scam. / Bad vines


I ordered 40 2 year grape vines in march, with a guarantee of replacement if vines don't grow; received the vines in april; planted them according to instructions, including expensive irrigation drip system for each vine. All vines with the exception of 13 produced buds and leaves within 4 weeks. By June it was apparant the 13 vines were never going to bud. I asked for replacement vines and more recently a refund for the 13 vines. Mypersonal vineyard asked for pictures--I sent 8 pictures to them. Since the last week of June they have not answered my emails or returned numerous phone calls. I know the emails were received because I attached a 'readme' return.