MY VIP FIT Complaints & Reviews

MY VIP FIT - Texas / Fraud


Company never sent product. When I called to tell them I was told I had waited too long to notify them and they had sent a 2nd shipment and charged my acct $89.31. I have never received this shipment either. When I told the woman that I didn't want either shipment and would send them back, she said I couldn't do that. I did some reserch and found that many people had the same experience with this company. Please do something to stop these people. They are just ripping people off!

MY VIP FIT - South Carolina, Murrells Inlet / Scam


I, too, fell for the pop-up ad for this product and another attached to it. The trial offer was for $1.00 which was never received. Meanwhile, they charged my account $89.31 which I am now fighting. My bank and credit card fraud bureau are working with me. In the interim I promptly cancelled my credit card and am waiting a new one so that they cannot charge anything further to me. My brother who is a computer geek told me (after the fact) to NEVER answer a pop-up ad on the internet. I hope this will help all who read it.

MY VIP FIT - Missouri / Debit Card Rip Off


They took $89.31 out of my bank account using my debit card number. Don't know who they are nor did I authorize this transaction. I know it is somehow tied to the Acai Berry/Total Cleanse scam. Had to contact Fit Factory and demand that they refund $29.95 taken from my bank account without authorization. Thank God they did. This is a crime and should be prosecuted. Companies taking money they have no right to touch then the poor sucker is left to try to fight to get their money back. Not cool since my husband and I both lost our jobs in July thanks to the downturn in the economy. If anyone knows how to reach these jerks to get my $89 back, I would appreciate the help.