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My Free Travel Complaints & Reviews

My Free Travel / Didn't get my visa cards

Oct 13, 2011

My husband and i agreed to a tour of cabins in Gatlinburg Tenn. For doing this we received a certificate for free fuel. Each time we bought gas we had to save up the receipts until we had spent 100.00 . mail them in and get back a 25.00 visa gift card. this was to be done monthly and after 1 yr. we would have gotten 300.00 in gift cards . i was doing exactly as instructed and not receiving anything I made approx 10 phone calls wanting to know when i would receive my cards. I kept getting lame excuses. also I had to send 9.95 to get started. I just called them today and got a recording OUT OF BUSINESS !!!

My Free Travel - Illinois / Fraud


Steve Horwits, a registered sex offender in IL for relations with a child between 13-15, and president of My Free Travel and now Vacation Consultants International is committing fraud. He took money from resellers for rebate certificates and then claimed that he could not fulfill them. He has an obligation to fulfill these certificates. He also continues to process the certificates and receive the processing fees from consumers with no intention to fulfill the certificates. Please call his office at 1-800-219-4152, press option 1 and ask for Steve Horwitz (if you can even stand talking to a child...

My Free Travel / Grocery Rebate


For those who are not aware, Customer Loyalty International was the company that sold the rebate cards that My Free Travel redemed. If you go to CLI`s web, click the products tab and then scroll to the bottom of the page you will see cards almost idenical to the ones you have. They have moved from Joliet Ill. to Seatlle Wa. I have a series of emails from the man in charge of CLI. They start out pleasent then go bad. He basically admits they were selling cards even though they knew MFT was going under. I am working with the Iowa AG. Would be glad to share

My Free Travel - Illinois, Joliet / Bogus Rebate Offers


To whom it may concern: When I called the 800 number to inquire about signing up for Dish Network service, I was actually connected to a company called The gentleman explained that if I signed up for Dish Network I would receive $300 in either gas or grocery rebates. I did sign up for the service in May. I chose grocery rebates. In the beginning of August I sent in my required $100 in receipts from Safeway grocery store. I was then emailed that I was disqualified from the program for not sending in a photo of my driver's license (??!!) I objected to that requirement in this day...

My Free Travel - Florida, Orlando / charge every month 10 dollars to my credit card


I got a coupon for fre 2 days 3 nights in a hotel I supost to send 15 dolars for the reservacion and now they charge 10 dollar everi month from my credit card. thanks ana mora