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My Dynasty Sales Complaints & Reviews

My Dynasty Sales - Indiana, Muncie / Book sales ripoff


I too have been ripped off for $49 on Sept. 15, 2008 in Muncie, IN. A kid who called himself Nate Wing said he was a Michigan State University student and had relatives living in the area. He claimed he was in a contest to earn a trip to Europe selling books for one of his classes at MSU and the books could go to the underprivledged or to myself. Heard later from my US Mail carrier that he was down the street telling a totally different story and lying to someone else. Unfortunately, I let the ball drop and did not go find him nor cancel my check. Too bad, now all the honest pe0ple in need of help will have to look elsewhere...I won't be burnt twice and should have known better.

My Dynasty Sales - Michigan / fraudlent presentation


A young man came to our door, said he lived near here. He was asking to if would buy some magazines to help him and his soccer team get a trip to Italy. He had quite a patter going on, and said something about the magazine didnt have to come to us if we didnt want them. They could send them to some of our servicemen and women overseas. Now that hit a soft spot in me, usually I just close the door, but I ended up believing him on that point. SO, we asked him to come in and go over the list of magazines to try and decide what to get. As we talked, his story changed, and he was now telling u...

My Dynasty Sales - California, San Diego / Misrepresentation


A SDSU student, in a contest to earn money for a trip to London, was selling books and magazines. He told me since I was a teacher I qualified for a discount, buy 2 get the 3rd one free. There were several books I was interested in, so that was an easy decision. He quoted me $34 and $32 for the books and when it came time to write the receipt, he wrote them on two separate receipts and gave me a total of $98. When I looked closer at the final cost ... because the books were written on two seperate receipts he was charging me a flat rate $15 S&H fee twice! He said that is how they were...