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MX Energy Complaints & Reviews

MX Energy - Pennsylvania / Bait and Switch


A gentleman came to my door this afternoon, couldnt speak clear English. Told me that I should switch my Energy provider. Asked me if I was the "QUEEN" of the house, when I told him that I wasnt and my boyfriend who pays the bills will be home after 5:30, he said "Ok well let me see your last month's electric bill", like I was going to show him! When I felt funny about him, I asked for a business card, knowing that he should have one. He did not have any but did give me a pamphlet with a their bait and switch technique. I told him to return when my boyfriend comes home, that was over an hour ago and he never came back!

MX Energy - Texas, Houston / Not a Very Good Electric Company


I could type a long story here, truth is, I can't believe I have to be with this company for over 2+ years because I'm under a business contract. Basically, it started from the beginning, can you believe since I'm a business owner, the more electricity I use the lower my bill? What is that? In the last six months they took money automatically and didn't take automatically in a way that either took double payments in check form then withdrew more money automatically from my bank account spiratically. Then when I noticed it, they didn't want to correct it for over 4...

MX Energy - Connecticut, Stamford / Awful company


MX Energy has completely disregarded my report of fraud by their employee Gilberto Hinojosa when he decided to change my electric service provider against my will. I repeatedly and very clearly stated; as he was attempting to carry a 'presentation', that I did not wish to change to any another company. This astute and tricky individual managed to make me believe that he only needed me to acknowledge, over the phone, that ' he had come by, that's all' His actions resulted in unnecessary financial damages to me, a cancellation by my long time provider, a huge electric...

MX Energy / Totally unethical


I signed up with MX Energy 3 years ago in New Jersey as a natural gas supplier under a Fixed Rate Plan, 3 year contract. Have never missed a payment to Public Service, who then pays MX. Contract is up and MX is saying I owe $1, 800.00. I cannot for the life of me figure out how someone can owe that high of a balance on a fixed rate plan as they make adjustments to the fee according to usage, which this company seemed to jump from one end of the spectrum to another, going from $35 to $272.00, and I live alone. I tried to call them and request my records, they never sent them, called BPU, who ha...