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mvq*saveace Complaints & Reviews

mvq*saveace - Maryland / Who are these people and how did they zing me?


Just noted that $19.95 is being charged to my account monthly since September. The charge line on my Visa account showed a phone number and 'CT' (I thought it was something chared in Connecticutt), I thought it was something my wife had charged while we were in CT visiting her family. Let it slip through the cracks until this month when I decided to call the phone number (888-593-5216) and got some place called 'Saving Face' ... so, I went to and its a dermatology clinic in Thousand Oak, CA. Don't know if there is a connection, but I'm going to call...

mvq*saveace - Minnesota, Arlington / MEMBERSHIP


My complaint is that on my recent bank statement. I found 2 charges to my account for something I did not sign up for and it was taken out of my account without my knowledge. My debit account is now closed until further notice. I will find out how those amounts were taken out of my account. I think my PIN# was taken from my account somehow and I don't know how it was done. Right now my account is closed, if someone tries to get something from my account I will find out. I am going call my bank tomorrow and tell them my PIN# has been taken or hijacked. As of right now I don't have a credit card or a checking account. I am going to use only cash until this gets settled. Thank you.

mvq*saveace - New York, Belmont / Did not authorize


Received a charge to my credit card on July 2nd and again on Aug lst of 2009 for 19.95 each and have never authorized any payments to be made.