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mrsi Complaints & Reviews

mrsi - California / Identity Theft attempt


MRSI 513-639-2399 - an Ohio company, about some debt collection from a company we never heard of, it is clear they were phishing for personal identity and financial information - very rude. When we told them nicely we were in the process of pulling up the FBI website to file this call with their local office, they hung up. Never ehard from them again. If they call again, we shall give them the name and address and phone number of the Ohio Attorney General. About time he or she should get off his lazy ash and do something about this as the Internet is littered with similar complaints for a while now. Even NBC has done shows on this scam front.

mrsi - Texas, Pasadena / harassment


i have received SEVERAL phone calls from people stating that they are calling from MRSI. They tell me that there is a pending litigation against me and that i need to speak with them or have my attorney call them within 24 hours. They claim to have sent notices in the mail and leave various "case numbers". the number that shows up on my caller ID is 713.481.9947. when i call it back, the phone just rings, and rings, and rings... on my voicemail they leave another number 1.877.498.5600 with various extensions. the last one being 3441. these people are rude, they call repeatedly. once, during a...