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Moving and storage Complaints & Reviews

Moving and storage - Texas, Dallas / double billed

Jul 6, 2014

Dishonest from the start. Son had paid for his move in full it was billed to his account. When they came to load things said it had not been paid insisted on getting our credit card. When I called office they assured us it would not be charged as the move was paid for. They did charge that card though and would not return calls and did not credit it. They did not give us a delivery date instead so they would let us know that as soon as they picked things up. Sent us emails that they had credited the card on several occasions, even spoke with a dispute officer from our bank and said they had...

Moving and storage - Florida, North Miami Orlando / Fraudulent Moving Company


PLEASE READ: This company is a fraudulent company that makes illegal, unauthorized charges to your credit card. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER; DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. This company is regularly scamming people by giving them low estimates and then when the driver shows up (which he does a day early, and at a very late hour) he tells you he needs to charge two to three times the amount given in the estimate because you have more stuff then they estimated for. If you sign their contract and let them take you possessions they will hold them hostage till you pay their demands. Some people...