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MovieaholicShop Complaints & Reviews

MovieaholicShop / Terrible customer service communication!

Apr 25, 2016

I found MovieaholicShop and saw some really cool items from Star Wars collection. I really love this movies and my wife also loves it, so I ordered several things. Money was deducted from my account immediately but the strange part was that I never received a confirmation email. Weeks passed and there was still no payment notification and no tracking number so I decided to contact MovieaholicShop customer care but they did not response! I still received nothing and there is no information from them! I'm so disappointed!

MovieaholicShop / Do not purchase from them

Feb 09, 2016

I ordered a watch from MovieaholicShop in early December. The watch was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my son. It arrived only two weeks ago and I was extremely disappointed with the quality. I don't know who's fault was that but the watch arrived completely broken! The chain was in pieces and the back of the watch was all dented. I immediately contacted customer service and they asked me to send them pictures. I did as they asked. Later I received another message from them stating they couldn't offer me a full refund, but they would give me $5 credit if I ordered another one. Absolutely ridiculous! This is definitely a scam! Please, do not order anything from these thieves!