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Move America Complaints & Reviews

Move America / Move America in the business of deceiving Americans

Jun 05, 2012

We requested a truck from MoveAmerica moving company. After the delivery of the truck, I felt that the company was somewhat deceptive with its promises. After the truck was dropped off on a Friday, we were told by both a representative and the truck driver that it would be picked up the following Monday between 10 AM and 12PM. Well, on Monday, 10AM came and it went. So did 11AM, 12PM, 1PM, 2PM, and 3PM. Finally when it was almost 4PM, someone came to pick the truck up. By this time we were late to begin our drive to our new destination. This, in turn, made us late to an appointment we had...

Move America / Stay away from this one

May 23, 2012

I was very disappointed to read the complaint of Mr. Kingsley Nwokeabia on your forum. First, because I am always disappointed to hear of any perceived lack of service on MoveAmerica's part, and second, because the complaint and the way it was phrased is indeed, designed to deceive. However, it is not MoveAmerica who is engaged in deception, it is Mr. Nowkeabia. A dose of facts is a wonderful thing, and after having spoken to Mr. Nwokeabia, I concluded that his complaint was unfounded and his primary purpose was to obtain a rebate from his legitimate charges. However, to his credit, Mr...