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Aug 30, 2012

Dear Sirs I have today received a threatening telephone call off one of your operatives regarding a claimed outstanding bill, a bill which I did not knowingly agree to on the terms now stipulated, I was misrepresented and mis sold the product. I was assured in fact promised increased business and sales... to date i have had not one enquiry let a lone job!! I have been threatened and bullied by your operatives, I am no longer in work due to ill health and am currently awaiting disablement benefit the threats and stress received today have caused me further problems. Today at approx 3.45pm you... - Wales, South Glamorgan, Cardiff / ripped off

Jul 03, 2012

we got tucked up by 3 yrs ago we got talked into an advert with these clowns, we then got tucked up for three sepperate adverts at 3 times the cost, after much messing about and a threat of going to watchdog we got back the cost of two adverts, they then bullied and hassled my business partner into another year[another waste of time money not to mention the pathetic add placed on the web much further down the list than we were promised[not a single job got from this], so we have now wasted two years with these muppets, now we are being forced to pay £2017 with a...