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Motor Finance Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Motor Finance Corporation / Ridiculous interest rate

Feb 5, 2011

I have financed 3 vehicles with MFC in the past. Recently my finance was approved for the 4 vehicle BUT the interest rate they gave me is totally rediculious. On my previous vehicle my interest rate stood at 11.5% and the prime is 10%. My finance was approved on the 8042010 with a wapping interest rate of 16%. Im a valued customer for the past 4 years. I have conducted my account diligently with MFC. I cant understand why MFC would grant me such a rediculious interest rate. Im seriously disappointed in there service and yet im a valued customer for many years. I would honestly like to keep my...

Motor Finance Corporation / De-registration of vehicle


I had an accident on 17 April 2008. A R.A.M. courier driver sped through a red robot and collided with my vehicle and sent me spinning. My vehicle was written off a week later and I am STILL waiting for MFC to de-register the vehicle so that the insurance can settle the car and I can buy a new one!!! The insurance company want the de-registration papers first and MFC wont de-register the vehicle until the Insurance have settled it. In the meantime, I dont have transport and am still liable for the payments for a vehicle that was been written off!!!