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MoTex Investments Complaints & Reviews

MoTex Investments - Missouri / breach of contract


In April 2007 MoTex Investments agreed to take over the payments of a house my husband and I owned. They were to also rent it out which they did. During the next 2 years we have noticed that most of the payments were done late or were never done. In November 2008 I had noticed the payments were not done for quite some time so I tried calling Kathleen. Of course, like most of the complaints that I have read, we did not get anything from Kathleen. In December my husband and I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office. On April 4, 2009 we received a letter from their lawyer in...

MoTex Investments - Missouri / Didn't follow through with contract


We lived in Missouri and had planned to settle there. However, my husband was called back to Active Duty. Because of the military and traveling, we contracted with this company, Kathleen Fenton and Kevin Creed, to manage the house we lived in. They are one of those companies that "buy ugly houses"--and offer people those rent to own deals. We just received word from our bank, that Kathleen and Kevin have NOT made a payment on our house since December. They have been collecting rent checks, but not paying the mortgage!!! So, now, we are behind on our payments, and are having to come up with...