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MORTGAGE LOAN MODIFICATIONS - Virginia, McLean / Non Payment of Payroll


I was hired as a Regional Manager in San Diego, CA. Several promises were made as to the direction of the business all of which were not honored. I had received a few payroll checks (all be it late) when Dana Gianoulis (President) and Kathryn Chmura (Partner) had decided to take another direction on the company. At that point I had been waiting on a payroll check whcih was already due. Dana Gianoulis and Kathryn Chmura advise me that future payroll would cease effective immediately. They did, however, agree to pay me up to that date. After several conversations with Dana Gianoulis about the...

MORTGAGE LOAN MODIFICATIONS - California, Westminster / Loan Modification Scam


WE ARE THE VICTIMS OF A LOAN MODIFICATION SCAM BY THIS LAW FIRM. Our adjustable rate mortgage adjusted from 7.25% to 10%. We received a call from Jacob Kim of Alliance capital finance, stating that he could help us get our loan modified. Jacob told us that he represented the Arase Law firm and they could help us, for a fee of $3, 400.00. We told him that this was a large amount and that we could not afford to pay this. Jacob told us that we could make two payments from our credit card, one now to get them started and the other later. After authorizing the first payment we received a call back...