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Mortgage Company Complaints & Reviews

Mortgage Company / foreclosure

Jul 24, 2015

I have been sending paper work to SLS for the past two years trying to modify my home morgage, and each time they say I need to send more paper work, so I do, now they are saying that my home is in foreclosure and are auction my home off. what happen to all my paper work and they never contacted me about the missing paperwork, and every time I called them, it was the same story, we need more paperwork, I just want to save my home. what do I do?

Mortgage Company / morgage modification help for home owners


so i applied for a morgage modification for home owners bailout, submitted my application the first day it came to my state unfortunately i have to do every thing by phone, fax, and mail; well any way i faxed the application and requested documents in a very timely manner, called to make sure they received it the next day and the said they did not it must have been misplaced so i spent another twenty dollars to fax info again. one month later i recieve a letter stating that they did not receive all the requested info ; so i then just to be on the safe side mailed all info to the addre...