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Moose lodge Fostoria Ohio Complaints & Reviews

Moose lodge Fostoria Ohio - Ohio, Fostoria / mismanagement

Jul 26, 2018

I am writing about a moose lodge in Fostoria Ohio. I feel that as a recent guest and current member of that lodge..., you see I returned to Fostoria after many years of being in Hawaii, Only to join the lodge and settle into the social atmosphere there with my sisters who all live permanently in Ohio. What I have discovered about this club compared to other clubs around the country and in Fostoria is that I feel this club is being severely mismanaged. I will tell you why in hopes of making some changes to the environment there as it is a club that could be right on par With other leading moose...

Moose lodge Fostoria Ohio / no buyouts on gambling tickets

Jul 23, 2018

My complaint is that Rick who manages the Fostoria Moose has no buyouts on the ten jars of tickets. Generally the jars will sit with very little play nearly empty and no one will buy them out until someone finally does for about three hundred or even more. Then someone buys out a 500 jar or two and word gets round very fast. Sometimes within an hour even and then everyone ticket playing member from Fostoria gets word of the new jar and it becomes a feeding frenzy with back biting and hard feelings from those few who finally win. Then that jar will sit for days with no buyout. If Rick had...