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Mondial Assistance Complaints & Reviews

Mondial Assistance / insurance

Sep 30, 2012

It's hard to imagine (but its's true) that buying a policy (for a car hire for holidays) took one and a half month. When I came home from holidays I got a an information from Mondial Assistance that actually I didn't have any policy although I paid for it and got appropriate papers. So I was driving with non insured car and learned about it after came home. If I didn't see that I wouldn't believe in it. Michwen

Mondial Assistance / Mondial ticket insurance- A sheer cheat

Dec 17, 2011

We booked train tickets with Mondial Assistance. We invited our relative (say, X) to France and booked the tickets to visit Paris. But due to some reason, X's visa got rejected. As a result, we had to cancel our visit. When we applied for reimbursement of ticket, Mondial asked for the scanned copy of the visa rejection and we provided that. Even after this, Mondial did not reimburse, without telling any reason. THEY ARE THE CHEATERS. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS INSURANCE.

Mondial Assistance / Travel insurance

Mar 21, 2011

very arrogant people. My dad had a bad fall during a trip and fracture a rib and injure his spine. Mondiale Assistance offer him to travel in Business to be more comfortable but didn't want to upgrade my mother who also paid for the insurance. My father is 71, not speaking a word of english, not used to be without my mam and also in pain. On the top of that, the file was open on a friday morning and the office in Paris only check the flight availability on Monday so it was no more room and offer to my dad the midnight flight by himself ! Very bad service, people on the phone saying they will have to charge me to answer our question

Mondial Assistance - Virginia, Richmond / Failure to pay claim!


My son and daughter bought tickets to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra for my wife and me. The event was to be in Birmingham, Alabama, on January 2, 2010. They thought they were being wise to insure the tickets at the time of the purchase. What a mistake that was! My wife and I left our home in Cedartown, Georgia, allowing ourselves approximately an hour and a half extra driving time. This was in an effort to avoid having to take a chance of getting there late. Long story short, we were traveling the interstate and had a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere, and were stranded there until...

Mondial Assistance / Ticket Insurance


this insurance is a joke after a death in our school, we called to cancel the tickets. They would not cover it. it was not a death of a traveler. Apparently teachers and students should just skip the funeral and head on down to an event anyway. how could they be so insensitive??? all they could keep saying was that they did not understand why we were frustrated!!!

Mondial Assistance / ripoff ticket insurance


I purchased ticket insurance and after making a claim online was never contacted. I emailed them and they said they were sorry it took 4 months to get back to me and if I would supply the unused tickets and a NOTARIZED note from my employer that I was unable to attend the concert because of work. This was FOUR MONTHS later! How many of you would go to your boss and say "Remember four months ago when I was going to go to that concert and couldn't because of work? Could you write a note and have it notarized so I can get my insurance company to do what I paid them to do already?" NO! That is ridiculous! All I can say is "DO NOT GET TICKET INSURANCE FROM MONDIAL ASSISTANCE. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!"