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MonaVie Complaints & Reviews

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MonaVie / False Claims

Type in "Monavie" in the search field on Facebook. You will find numerous false claims. It is clearly stated that making claims that Monavie cures anything is illegal. Nothing has been proven about this Jesus juice. It is a cult and all of its members are zombies that follow scam artists like Orrin and Dallin. Here are some examples of why this disaster should be shut down: WORDS ARE SPELLED INCORRECTLY BECAUSE I TYPED THEM EXACTLY AS THE POST WAS. Suzanne Boshart: "Anyone with any health issues should go on Monavie. It saved my life!" Monavie West Palm Beach: "People have inflamation in there...

MonaVie - Utah, South Jordan / Serious Illness

Horrible health scare and illness reaction to consuming this product! Swollen lymph node in my right arm followed by huge purple streakings up and down the arm. The bones in my hand and arm ached for days. Thought I had cancer or organ failure because after the purple streaks went away (when I stopped ingesting this product) a yellowly jaundice color remained almost like brusining. But the pain of the the joints and bones of my arm and hand were almost intolerable. I wasn't sure of the cause of this devasting health scare until I stopped using Monavie. Once I resumed injesting this "toxic...

MonaVie - Maryland, Baltimore / cancellation

how do i cancel my monavie account? i can't find www.cancel@monavie.com it's like they're playing games with us.i'm getting rather pissed off. mrs. debbie mcgee

MonaVie / Monavie scam!

Monavie is a pyramid marketing scheme! Monavie uses the term multi-level marketing (MLM). It is the same concept as a pyramid scheme. It is a legal way to scam unsuspecting people. The only way to become successful in this scheme is to cheat other people by promising them financial independence. This is the number one way to recruit new members. In reality, the new distributors have a very slim chance in making any profits from this scheme. In the case of Monavie, its' own 2007 income disclosure statement says that "fewer than 1 percent qualified for commissions and of those, only 10...


I was hospitalized for 6 days . I had been drinking monavie for about 6 weeks. I started vomiting a juice colored liquid that smelled like mona vie. I did not realize it was mixed with blood. I need 7 transfusions and almost died. I did not think it could be the juice, but after reading other peoples bleeding stories about monavie, i believe the juice caused the bleeding. If anyone else has had an episode like mine, please contact. Ann

MonaVie / Unauthorized shipment

Hated the product. Was told that it was sugar-free and had no preservatives. It had sugar and had such a bad aftertaste that I could not get it down. Was urged by the person who signed me up to try it for another 60 days. I sent MonaVie an email cancelling my March 2009 order in plenty of time. They shipped the order and charged my credit card. When I complained, they intercepted the shipment and charged me $26.20 for shipping. Do not do business with this company. Their product is not natural and they are a scam. I should have known better, but when you are sick and disabled, you will try...

MonaVie / misrepresentation/intimidation

My girlfriend has built up several MLM distributorships with other companies so when she heard of this one she went to a presentation. She came home screaming about the fraud. A couple connected to her hopeful sponsor were out of Oakdale and she said the man is huge, sick and disgusting in appearance and wife looks like she has a drug problem. Not a great example for what this juice does for you. In her short time spent there she caught too many conflicting stories and claims by this couple which lost her trust. Another distributor told her the woman tried to pass herself off as a nursing...

MonaVie - Florida, South Florida / Scam

I was approached by my sister a year and a half ago to try this nutritional beverage. I knew my sister who was health conscious would not recommend a bad product so I tried it. I liked the taste & the 19 ingredients were all fruits, unlike most juices which the first ingredient is water then sugar. I went online to do some research and foud out what a great product it was and that it even had science to back it up. I also found some idiots at so called SCAM sites that I was smart enough to figure out wouldn’t make it in anything in life because they’re always looking for the...

MonaVie / monavie scam

I have read several complaints about this company and I really feel bad for the people who have spent their hard earned money on this product to only be scamed. I had a bottle given to me to try and to get me to sign up. I drank the bottle and it wasn't a bad product, when I found out what it would cost me a week to keep drinking it, I decided against it. I started reading the beneifits of the acai berry and was really impressed. I finally found a product that was alot cheaper than monavie, it was 100% organic acai with 100% organic concord grape added to enhance flavor, no team to join...

MonaVie - Utah, Sandy / Fraud, charged credit card without permission $570.00 total

Original I was advised to sign up for free samples and info my credit card would be charged $39.00. This was in June, 2008. Since August I have dealt with MonaVie about charging my credit card 3x$142.00 and 1x$187.00. Monavie has claimed that shipments were sent and UPS has stated that they delivered to my porch this shipments. I have not received any product from Monavie nor has UPS delivered any product to my address to me. Monavie filed a claim with UPS for $40.00 a box whereas they charged by cc 3X$142.00 and 1X$187.00. Monavie stated that I signed up for auto ship which I did not. They...

MonaVie - Oregon, Eugene / Scam artists

I signed up for the MonaVie business opportunity in March of this year. I have worked really hard to build this business and have invested hundreds of dollars into the MonaVie business to try to make a go of it. Throughout my time in MonaVie, the local leaders in our area: Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman have encouraged me to continue to invest my money and time and would be a Black Diamond inside of a year if I worked hard. I have now come to realize that Amy Freeman and Todd Bishop have done nothing but lie to me and my family and made fraudulent statements to me and my friends so that we would...
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