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Mindy Krejci Complaints & Reviews

Mindy Krejci - California, Ladera Ranch / way too nice a person

Mar 21, 2018

Mindy Krejci, aka Melinda P Krejci, is way too nice a lady to be doing business with a scam artist like Randi Dorante and her scam company, American Cosigners. She is too polite, too kind, too patient, and too giving to work with people who are planning to cheat her out of her $2296.00 refund. Mindy hired American Cosigners and Randi Dorante (who went by Julia Daniels as an alias) in good faith that they would cosign on a California apartment for her. She never expected the theft, the $35 million dollar lawsuit, and the defamation campaign when she was the victim. She has learned her lesson.

Mindy Krejci - Arkansas, WASHINGTON / witch/sorceress complaint against mindy krejci aka melinda p krejci

Oct 05, 2017

This lady called our company accusing us of owing her money, in which she never paid. She begin sending us 1000 text messages on our corporate phones, calling our company, sending endless voice mails, she begin contacting 5 different states of the attorney general offices, the bbb, she wrote numerous fraudulent complaints about our company on the internet. She called all of our employee's cell phones. She pretended to be customers, got a hold of our documents, and started sending emails to our addresses. This lady is mentally insane. We have tried to speak to this lady, she does not listen to...