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Millennium Marketing Concepts Complaints & Reviews

Millennium Marketing Concepts - Nevada, Las Vegas / Company did not follow through with what they said after getting 5500.00


Company says they provide wedsite store on the internet that will pay a decent income per month after it is up and running. All we the client has to do is an initial contract purchase (5500.00 in my case). Afterward all we have to do it give them a small percent of the monthly income to keep the website up and promoted. I never got anything for months and constantly complained and after many exuses they sent 300.00 one time and never again no matter how much complaining I did. They told me to sue them If I could afford to pay a lawyer but it would be more than what I paid them so why do that...

Millennium Marketing Concepts / Online fraud


I paid $1, 250 for a web site that never materialized. I have never heard from any of those people again. I called and left messages many times also emailed them many times. Still heard nothing from these people.