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Mighty Net, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Mighty Net, Inc. / Fraudulent credit card charges

Apr 26, 2011

I found a fraudulent charge to my credit card for a report service that was never requested and purchased using only my name and my credit card number using information that was incorrect and with my credit information to be emailed to a third party. I phoned and they stated that they had none of my personal information other than my name and credit card number and they told me the email address where they were sending the reports on my credit. They signed me up for a monthly service no one needs and with zero input from me. I did a Google search and found numerous complaint...

Mighty Net, Inc. - California, Canoga Park / Scam artists


Warning! $14. 95 for me + $14. 95 for spouse charged to my credit card for hidden services! Am filing complaint with federal trade commission for unfair business practices! Entrapment! Free credit report? This outfit should be shut down immediately! File your report against mighty net, inc to bureau of ftc!!!