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Mighty Investment Group / They took my card info and no news from them

Apr 03, 2015

I got the letter from the company Mighty Investment Group. It was written that I have been chosen as the winner of the lottery. They knew my personal info and asked to provide the card info, so they could confirm everything and transfer the prize. I have no idea why, but I believed to these jerks. After that I haven’t received any news from them, as well as I’m afraid that they could steal from me. Please, post comments and share your views about them.

Mighty Investment Group / Don't trust them. Their emails were fakes

Apr 02, 2015

I got some fake email from the company Mighty Investment Group CotterWeb Enterprises. They informed me that I was a lucky winner of $500, 000. They wanted to get the confirmation from me, as well as they wanted to get the deposit. I was a little bit shocked, so I decided to check about this company. It turned out that it was scam, and they fooled a lot of people like this. The worst company ever, so avoid these ### and post comments about your experience with them.