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Midwest Center Complaints & Reviews

Midwest Center - California, Los Angeles / Fraud

Mar 17, 2015

I ordered the info for my husband. I got the material for $9.95 and realized it was all things that were common sense and the CDs didn't help. I called about sending them back and the lady said yes you have 2 weeks to get the CDs back. I sent them that day and one month later I am charged $66.50 for being 4 days late. I am on disability and this type of charge really hurts me financially. I have had a stroke and I was so upset today, I was afraid I was going to have another one. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, other than turn it over to the better business bureau and my bank. One thing is for sure, this company will cause u to have anxiety

Midwest Center - California / Anxiety & Stress program


I also was duped into requesting a 'free CD' from Midwest Center for my mild anxiety and stress. I called to accept a CD, paid $15 S&H for it. $15 for a free CD. Hmmm. I realize now that the $15 charge is to the S&H for them to send you the complete program. I know because I paid that much to send their full program back. The CSR rattled off the terms & agreement, though I re-instated to him that I'd only pay $15 for the CD and decide if I wanted to continue. However, 2 weeks later I received the entire program minus the 'free CD'. I called them, got a Return...

Midwest Center - Ohio, Oak Harbor / Not honoring request for return!


I ordered CD's with an understanding that I had a trial period to evaluate their product. I called within the trial period to return the product. The lady I spoke with was very manipulative and talked me into an additional 7 days to evaluate the product. On the 7th day, I called to cancel as I was no more impressed than I had been 7 days earlier. Their office was closed so I emailed them. When I called the next business day I was told they hadn't gotten my email and that I couldn't return the product; but they would give me $100 discount. Their product isn't worth $1 let alone $500.