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Midland Complaints & Reviews

Midland - Ohio, Rocky River / wireless customer service and directv rewards

Dec 08, 2018

Wireless # [protected] Direct TV acct #: [protected] Also have services for my son: [protected] and internet service in Columbus, OH. I have been a long time customer of AT&T and was primarily satisfied but recently I have had a number of problems with little resolution. 1. In September I called customer service to inquire about possible upgrades to my wireless account. At that time a women told me that I had access to a free phone due to being a long time customer. I said "no thank you" probably 7 times until she told me it would be free, the new line would be free and all I had to pay wa...

Midland - California / the way calls public

Jul 30, 2013

Government all agencies is known that I have two dependents and unemployed housewives, my permanent residence fee is waived on april by USCIS, The midland credit manage lady just before 4th JULY 2013 presurized to pay the money 875.78, Actually I was T -moile celli leased at Tmoile authorized at Jackson height 73 st, post paid three phones for 3 months and economic circumstance I was unemployed on the time, I quit Tmolie 3 lines+, They claimed 499 dollar and 1200 dollar two seperate collection on the same name, so far i have kept the all record as a consume I have to fight for right on the time...