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Midcontinent Communications Complaints & Reviews

Midcontinent Communications - North Dakota / Breach of privacy

Aug 16, 2011

My son who is 18 and is going into the Marines set up an account for himself at home so that he could start building credit. (It is just one of the ways he is trying to establish credit). After 3 months, they decided to disconnect him. He put his oldest sister on the account to help pay the bill so she called while he was at work to find out what was going on. Katie one of to account tech preceded to go into details of accounts that have nothing to do with him (total breach of privacy.. At least 2 counts) and basically said too bad. I called them yesterday to find out what exactly is going on...

Midcontinent Communications - South Dakota, Sioux Falls / UFC 116


I recently ordered UFC 116 from midcontinent communications with my remote. I went to menu the ppv box and was given 2 options for this event. One option was for Spanish one for english. I chose the english. I own a HDTV and to my surprise the event was not in HD. I then proceeded to the guide and it had the event on HDPPV. I went to this channel and had to order the event again if I wanted to watch it in HD. I did thinking my cable provider would notice the honest mistake and comp me. My girlfriend called and waited about half an hour to talk to anybody and was then told basically too bad, and that we would be charged for it. I am now searching for an alternative cable provider.