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Michelin Tires Complaints & Reviews

Michelin Tires - New Hampshire / waranty

Jun 15, 2012

Michelin advertises 6 year limited warranty on tires . I bought 4 tires for my Navigator and had less than 40000 miles on them they had cracks in all 4 tires and was told how dangerous they were, so I had them replaced and requested Michelin adjust the cost of the new tires, there response was that they were only surface cracks and the tires were still usable

Michelin Tires / Half dead animals


I think their latest commercial is down right disgusting! Half dead animals laying squished on the road. It freaks my kids out! Who are the idiots who think these things up and better yet, who are the idiots who oks them to go on tv. Bad commercials are a lot worse than none at all. I would never buy their tires now.

Michelin Tires / Bad service & false advertisement!


Long story short: False advertisement... - bought 4 Michelin Tires with the promotion of $100 rebate - Didn't get $100 back only $50 and received a letter explaining all the reasons on the planet why I don't get the rest - Spelled my name wrong on the cheque (when I mailed in the rebate, there were 2 documents attached with the right spelling) or is it another thing they do to prevent/delay payment?! - Called Michelin, they passed me to another department, called that department, they asked me to call Canadian Tire...called Canadian Tire, the lady said "there's nothing we...