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Metro Photography / Apple Models Complaints & Reviews

Metro Photography / Apple Models - England, Devon, bideford / portfolio for work as a model

May 27, 2018

My daughter went for a photographic shoot with Metro Photographers in January 2014. They took several photos of her and showed us the photos afterwards and told her they would accept her onto their books as a commercial model. They said we would have to pay an upfront fee of £500 and that the total would be £2, 000. The following day my daughter rang Metro photography to say that she would just have the package that cost £500. Metro Photography told her that if she didn't send the rest of the money they would get a court order and send the bailiffs to her address. She was so worried that she...

Metro Photography / Apple Models / payment scam

Nov 26, 2017

I paid £500 for my daughters portfolio for modelling from the company apple models. My daughter was 13 at the time and extremely excited, we arrived at metro photography they did her hair and makeup, there was nothing suspicious that it may be fake as there was a lot of other people there doing the same thing we were. After the 3 hour shoot we were told that the pictures were some of the best they'd seen. Obviously my daughter being 13 loved hearing this, they asked for me to pay £500 for the pictures, my daughter looked extremely happy and the photos were lovely so I agreed to pay the £500, However after paying we never heard back from them but they took my £500 and also a £50 deposit

Metro Photography / Apple Models - England, Greater London, London / Get into the contract without cooling off period.

Dec 14, 2015

I have purchased the portfolio from Metro Photography under the pressure and the contract does not cool off period. You make me believe on that day that I will be making a lot of money with next few months, when I come back home, I check the Internet I can see all this bad review. I know that there are also good reviews, but only about the test shots day. There is no good review from someone that actually purchased a portfolio. The Facebook page is blocked from making comments. Please cancel my contract and issue a refund immediately.