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Meri Robinson Complaints & Reviews

Meri Robinson / Took 4,000 From Our Family

Jan 06, 2015

Meri Robinson who is married to scammer Erik Lee Robinson has taken 4, 000 from our family. It all started when i read more about the Millionaire Bootcamp they were advertising. I bought into it since they promised a return. It has been 8 months and nothing has happened. I haven't made any money and I am out of my investment. I reached out to Meri multiple times but she has hung up on me. I've read that she is going to become a doctor which scares me. I feel that she took my money to use towards her education.

Meri Robinson - Maryland, Bowie / Stole 3000 From Our Company

Jul 09, 2014

Meri Robinson is someone you should strongly avoid. She was making all of this talk about renewable energy and how it can change your life. After weeks of her badgering us, we caved and invested 3000 into her business. It was the biggest mistake of our lives. She would push us off and would come up with every excuse in the book. She would always say next month over and over. Meri Robinson scammed us and she knows it. Her husband Erik has done the same thing to others and it should be stopped!