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Merck Complaints & Reviews

Merck / Rental double charged

Feb 07, 2017

Dear receiver, I rented a car @ Porto airport (30-Jan till 01-Feb) over Ryanair (Thrifty), in Porto that service is operated by Hertz. Now Ryanair as well as Hertz have charged my creditcard for this rental Please initiated an reversal for one of the two (see attachments) I don't have the original contract, but I added the toll invoice where the (contract-) data is also found, as well as the credit card charges for the rental

Merck - Mississippi / Incorrect quantity of product

Aug 30, 2012

Merck labels Azasite as containing 2.5 ml. However, after about 5 days it becomes increasingly difficult to dispense a drop from the bottle. The bottle does not contain the full amount of prescribed medication. Insurance will not refill the medication until after a specified number of days. Well after the drops are gone. Merck is not putting the full amount of solution in the bottle and the medication is very costly. After reviewing others post on the internet I realize I am not the only one with the same complaint.