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Merchant Supplies International Complaints & Reviews

Merchant Supplies International / Unauthorized charges!


I ordered tape for my credit card machine at my C-Store. The order came and I paid the amount in full--$9.o0 a roll which is outrageous. Now Merchant Supplies International is trying to send me another order, which I do not want and never authorized. They say that the first order was at a discount based on a second order (again, I did not agree to the second order and I was not told that the first order was at discounted prices). Either I accept the outrageous price of a second order or they will bill me the undiscounted price for the first order. What a scam. Again, I did place the first...

Merchant Supplies International / Avoid MSI at all costs!


Well the scammers are at it again! We own two furniture stores in Southern California and recently received "a cleaning card" for our credit card machine... we didn't order any cleaning card. Now we have an invoice for $48.50. MSI gives an address on their website for a distribution center in Upstate New York. Using Google Earth I was able to talk to the company that manages the warehouse. They have no connection with the company that is now working out of Miami. Apparently MSI used to distribute from the address. This sounds like a classic scam used in the past by office supply companies. Avoid MSI at all costs!!